I had good health care. Then I got cancer and got fired

I had no reason to have cancer. Not that there is a reason a person gets cancer, but there are factors that make you “at higher risk”. In fact, when you sit down with your doctor after your diagnosis, they go over a list of things they suggest you consider in your lifestyle. I was already doing all. I have no genetic markers, have been herbal for over 25 years, do not smoke or drink soda, drink only socially, and exercise regularly. I even fed my children.

When my husband and I got married and had children, we all integrated his health insurance policy. My husband’s business offered better insurance than my union and we needed stability. Anyone with children knows how many routine health checks and mandatory requirements there are in school. Not to mention the number of times our children come home with a virus they caught in school. Insurance was a must for us. And thank goodness we got it.

“You have cancer.” As hard as it was to hear those words what made it worse were the phone calls and endless conversations we must have had with non-medical professionals telling us some services my doctor had told me about. that I needed would not. t be covered. We should have focused on healing and “de-stressing”, but instead we were spending hours talking to people who would categorically say “it’s not essential”. It was as if they had a chart in front of them and when someone called them they had their stock market answers ready. Whether it’s drugs, imaging, or even a procedure, a lot of our time has been spent discussing our insurance.

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