I have Major Pfizer, Moderna FOMO vaccine and I’m a doctor

During 2020, as our lives are increasingly disrupted, new terms and phrases have emerged to describe what we are going through.

“Social distancing” would have meant being indifferent to a party if you had told me last year, and now I immediately think of dots on the floor showing me where to stand and arrows showing me which way. grocery. I was familiar with things like isolation gowns and face shields before, but now I document that I was in “full PPE” when writing a patient’s note after removing the gown, mask, glove and shield that I wore to take care of them. People who refuse to do anything to prevent the rampant spread of the pandemic are ‘anti-masks’, although there are more familiar and less charitable terms I can think of to describe them as well.

To this list, I can add “vaccine urge”. I will write it just under “maskne”.

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