I will never say that Biden won

At the end of the Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump made history once again. For his role in inciting the bloody pro-Trump riot last Wednesday on the U.S. Capitol, the House of Representatives voted that president’s impeachment for the second time in about a year, making Trump the only president in the U.S. American history to be impeached twice.

But for all the historic weight of the day, Trump’s White House has remained rather calm, drained of its energy and much of its staff. The President walked in and out of the Oval Office, watched the impeachment process on television, and found time to award the country singer a medal. Toby Keith. But by the time the sun fell on Washington, the president had not yet made a public appearance or emerged to hurl insults at reporters at the scene. He couldn’t be raging on Twitter about the latest indictment or the Capitol Hill Republicans who had accompanied it, as Twitter had already taken to his Twitter. And its staff were a bullet compared to what they were just over a week ago, following a string of high-profile resignations from the administration last week and a sharp drop in the morale in the building since the riot and the death toll. Some senior West Wing officials, including White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, have spent the past few days keeping their distance from Trump, as various advisers experience the last moments of the era in trying to avoid triggering the president’s temper or making things worse, one way or another.

As photographers, reporters and staff gathered at the White House, the president was cordoned off by his aides, out of sight of the press. Even for Trump’s Arts and Wellness Medal Ceremony in the East Room, cameras were off limits. A US Navy that kept appearing, then disappearing, at the entrance to the West Wing on several occasions. It was practically the only indicator of location. (The Marine usually stands guard at these doors when the President is in the Oval Office.)

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