IDF braces for ‘possible US strike on Iran’ during ‘sensitive’ days of Trump presidency – Reports – Dateway

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are bracing for a possible US attack on Iran before President Donald Trump steps down, considering his lame duck period a “very sensitive” period, according to several recent reports.

The Israeli government has asked the IDF to make plans in the event that Trump orders a preemptive strike on the Islamic Republic, which could potentially target the country’s nuclear infrastructure, journalist Barak Ravid told Axios on Wednesday, citing senior officials. anonymous in Tel Aviv.

The preparations are tied not only to the possible strike itself, but to the reprisals it could provoke from Iran, which may seek to respond using proxy fighters deployed in Syria, Lebanon and the rest of the world. Gaza Strip, officials told Ravid. However, the reporter noted that the plans were not the result of specific intelligence that such a strike had been ordered, with officials simply planning a “Very sensitive period” ahead of the inauguration of alleged President-elect Joe Biden on Jan.20.

The report comes just days after Israel’s Channel 13 similarly said Washington and Tel Aviv plan to strengthen“Secret operations” against Tehran in the final days of Trump’s tenure, although the broadcaster has not provided any details on what form this might take. The New York Times, meanwhile, reported earlier this month that Trump had recently “Wanted options” for a strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities – which it says “Focusing almost certainly on Natanz,” the country’s first uranium enrichment site. But the president would have been “Dissuaded” of an attack by advisers, who warned it could spark a bloody regional conflict. We do not know if they have returned to the idea since.

We were once blessed with wise leaders who realized that our blessings of freedom and prosperity were gifts from God. What a contrast to America 231 years later.

Nonetheless, Iranian officials reacted to the Times report by promising a “Overwhelming response” to any American strike.

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Trump’s presidency has been marked by intense hostility to Tehran in both rhetoric and politics, destroying a landmark nuclear deal signed under Barack Obama’s administration in 2015 and resuming a series of crippling sanctions lifted as part of the agreement. Declare a “Maximum pressure” campaign, Trump has also set out to destroy the Iranian oil sector, aiming to reduce vital oil exports to “zero” and effectively shut down its economy, even at the height of its coronavirus outbreak.

Although Trump has so far managed to avoid outright war with Iran, open fighting may have only been narrowly avoided following the January assassination of Qassem Soleimani, a well-known Iranian general. beloved who led the country’s elite Quds force. Iran responded to the deadly attack with a barrage of rockets at Iraqi bases housing US troops – although besides humiliation, no serious injuries were inflicted in retaliation as Tehran apparently gave an advance warning in Baghdad, giving Americans enough time to seek refuge.

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