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What would a serious long-term crisis look like in this country?

Despite all of our advanced technology, record-breaking cold temperatures have brought much of the United States to its knees.

There has been an epic power failure in Texas, countless pipes that weren’t designed to withstand such low temperatures have burst, and millions of people are without electricity and have no way to heat their homes to the moment.

In fact, we are told that 4.5 million people in Texas alone were without electricity on Tuesday …

Extreme energy and overloaded frozen power plants amid an unprecedented freeze in Texas were among the factors that led to nearly 4.5 million customers without power in Lone Star State on Tuesday, according to the experts.

Power outages spread across Texas have left millions of people in the gloomy, biting cold amid one-degree temperatures and a winter storm that has buried the state in and ice in recent days.

“Whichever way you cut it, this is a massive failure for a grid and a state that presents energy and electricity as a shining example,” said Varun Rai, director of the Institute of Energy at the University of Texas at .

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MSM admits that the carbon reduction initiative triggered statewide blackouts.

Most of Texas is on an independent power grid from the rest of the country, and this crisis has exposed just how extremely vulnerable that grid can be in an emergency.

Sadly, it looks like the cold weather will linger for a while, and CenterPoint Energy is telling people in the Houston area to be prepared for “several more days” of power outages …

CenterPoint Energy, the utility that supplies electricity to homes in the Houston area and distributes natural gas, provided an update on the current grid chaos in Texas with bad news Tuesday night.

CenterPoint said the power outages could last “several more days” and warned customers “to take precautions for their personal safety.”

Of course, it’s not just Texas that is suffering.

Progressive power outages have also occurred in the 14 states that make up the Southwest Power Pool, according to a report …

The Southwest Power Pool, which controls a network spanning 14 states from North Dakota to Oklahoma, has ordered rotating shutdowns for a second straight day.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

But he is.

Extremely cold weather also pushed natural gas prices up to insane levels. Suddenly there was a huge for a limited amount of supply, and we saw the prices doing things they had never done before …

According to David Hoy, a trader at Dynasty Power in Calgary, the offer for overnight delivery to the Oneok Gas Transportation hub in Oklahoma traded for $ 999 per million U.K. thermal units for two contracts. This compares to $ 4.19 a week earlier.

Gas at Henry Hub in Louisiana, the benchmark for futures contracts in City, traded for $ 19 around 11:45 a.m. in City after climbing to $ 30, Hoy said. The offer at the hub traded for $ 3.24 a week ago.

An industry official told Bloomberg he’s never seen anything like it …

“I have been following the energy markets and grid issues for a while, and I cannot recall one extreme weather event that impacted so much of the country in this way – the situation is critical, ”said Neil Chatterjee, member of the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

It only took a few days of very cold weather.

Would our system even be able to handle a much more serious long-term national crisis?

I do not think so.

Unfortunately, more bad weather conditions are expected. A giant winter storm will hit the middle of the country on Wednesday before hitting the east coast on Thursday …

And worse weather was on the way: Another winter storm with and ice was expected to hit parts of the south and midwest on Wednesday before rushing into the mid-Atlantic and northeast on Thursday.

In total, as of the end of Tuesday, 115 million Americans were on their way for the next storm, from Texas to Massachusetts, the weather service said.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates is trying to convince us all that “global warming” is such a problem that we all have to start eating “100% synthetic beef” from now on …

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in a new interview that all rich countries should switch to 100% synthetic beef in order to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

In an interview published on Sunday by MIT Technology , Mr Gates, who is now co- of the Bill and Melinda Gates and chairman of the investment fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, said the United States is turning to plant-based meats as those sold by Impossible Foods. and Beyond Meat will be “necessary” to save the planet.

What crazy times these are.

No matter what part of the United States you live in, you can’t just rely on the grid to heat your home.

Right now, millions of Texans who thought the network would always be there for them are literally shivering inside their own homes.

You always need a second way to heat your home in a major emergency. Of course, those who took my advice over the years were already prepared for it.

These record cold temperatures will be gone in a few days and the weather will stabilize soon.

But let us not forget the lessons that this crisis is teaching us, because the challenges ahead will be much more difficult.

Right now, ABC News is saying that this cold snap has turned Texas into a “tundra” and that in Louisiana people use an airboat to roam the snowy streets.

This isn’t normal, and we’re going to see a lot more crazy things happening in the months and years to come.

I encourage you to prepare yourself for all the weirdness that lies ahead, because as we have seen, the system is not as stable as most people thought.

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