Illegal homeless man admits stabbing Portland restaurant owner – Dateway

A homeless illegal alien has been arrested for allegedly cutting off the owner of a Portland restaurant after racking up a bill without having money to pay it, according to reports.

Moses Trujillo-Rodriguez, 23, admitted to ordering food he couldn’t afford and then stabbing Leo Khoury on Tuesday night.

Khoury, who owns Habibi restaurant in downtown Portland, says Trujillo-Rodriguez became upset when asked to pay his bill after finishing his meal.

“He said, ‘Do you accept Apple Pay?’ I said, ‘Yes, I do.’ Khoury told Fox 12. “He said, ‘Give your phone’ and I said, ‘Sir, Apple Pay, I have to use your phone, not my phone.’ “

Khoury says the suspect kept pushing his way, rummaging through his things and getting more and more agitated.

Khoury called 911 to report the escalating unrest, in which case Trujillo-Rodriguez allegedly plunged a blade into Khoury’s back and shoulder before fleeing the business.

Restaurant workers pursued Trujillo-Rodriguez and detained him until the police arrived. He was arrested and charged with second degree assault and illegal use of weapons.


“An officer from the Portland Police Bureau spoke to Trujillo-Rodriguez and he confirmed that he ordered food from Habibi knowing he couldn’t pay for it and said he stabbed the employee in the back “, reports KATU.

Trujillo-Rodriguez has a criminal background and is present illegally in the United States, according to Illegal Alien Crime Report.

Khoury, a legal Lebanese immigrant, has since returned to work but says he is traumatized and still in great pain.

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