Illinois Governor Pritzker Dismisses Lori Lightfoot’s Do Not Travel Advice, May Leave Chicago for Thanksgiving – Dateway

There is so much hypocrisy to be done, we can hardly contain it all.

Just ago, we wrote about the mayor of Chicago and “awakened” intellectual giant Lori Lightfoot, telling Chicagoans to cancel their “traditional” Thanksgiving plans.

Lightfoot told residents to “stay home except for essential reasons,” “to stop entertaining guests – including family members” and “to cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans.”

We scoffed at Lightfoot, noting that his decision came within a week of being seen amidst a large on the streets of Chicago partying in the wake of a Joe Biden presidential victory. .

And it looks like we’re not the only ones not taking Lightfoot seriously. This list now appears to include Illinois’ own governor, JB Pritzker, who tacitly admitted at a press conference last week that he didn’t think much of Lightfoot’s “opinion”.

“Since you live in Chicago, are you going to follow the no-travel advisory that Mayor Lightfoot put in place at 6 am this morning?” the governor was questioned last week.

“I don’t know what that says exactly and I don’t know exactly what my plans will be. But I will definitely be happy to share. I think you already know that we have a place in Florida, so… ” he said, before pausing.

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“We’re not going to address the random blogging rumors online,” someone (possibly a staff member) interrupts as Pritzker walks away.

“You must know what the mayor’s plan is,” answers the journalist.

“In fact, I did not see what the mayor published this morning”, Pritzker responded. “I’ve been very busy. Actually, I don’t think there was a travel ban, I think there was ‘discouragement’,” he says.

You can watch the exchange here:

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