I’m on my third lockdown, and I’ve been working on how to cope

For the past six months I’ve been living on a dirt road in a cabin in the woods of the Catskills. It’s so far from the grid that UPS can’t find us – it has to deliver to a local general store. To make a call, I walk to the local volunteer fire department where there is a cell phone tower, which recently collapsed. I have had frozen Zoom calls if the wind is blowing. Forget to watch the cable news.

We rented this cabin because of COVID-19 and to be near our daughter who lives down the street. But I am a city dweller and we can barely spend days seeing a soul. The longest conversation I can remember was with the plumber who arrived late at night when the boiler broke.

Yet when people ask me how I’m doing during the lockdown, I hesitate to respond. The truth is, I’m fine. I miss going to the movies, a swim at the Y, book launches, quiet dinners with friends. And those occasional daily encounters that psychologists say give us a feeling of well-being. I am saddened by the losses around me, including the death of my best friend’s mother who died alone in a nursing home. Last summer my daughter closed her wonderful restaurant, which was a hangout for us, and my husband lost his job. But I get by. At least I’m trying to be existential about it. As my father used to say, if you have your health you have everything, and so far we have been lucky in that regard.

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