Imagine these cities wiped out – that’s the number of Americans killed by COVID

MAccording to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than half a million people in the United States have now died from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. While this figure is widely considered to be an undercount, the grisly benchmark is more than double that of any other nation on earth.

From early and effective test failure for cases to poor, arresting lockdowns, virtually everything in the US response to COVID-19 has been lackluster – or worse. The roll-out of vaccines and the mitigation of post-vacation flare-ups are showing some early signs of reduced deaths. But the fact is that at least a quarter of a million Americans have died from the disease since mid-November alone.

In an effort to convey the lethality of the novel coronavirus to the United States, we turned to major American cities to see how their populations stacked up against national loss of life. Below are 11 major American cities that, according to the most recent census estimate, had fewer than 500,000 inhabitants – and where the national equivalent of their entire population is now claimed by an unprecedented plague.

There are only 37 American cities of more than 500,000 inhabitants. While some of their populations are far from overwhelmed, like New York City with over 8 million people, others like Atlanta – with an estimated population of 506,811 people – are only days away.

As the nationwide death toll continues to rise, The Daily Beast will update this story with graphics reflecting the cities whose populations have actually been claimed by this pandemic across the country.

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