Impeachment is a mistake

The House of Representatives is set to impeach Donald Trump this week, and he deserves it.

But it’s still not the right thing to do. A hasty impeachment distorts the rule of law even as it seeks to uphold it. This reduces the chances of a true bipartisan account of Trump’s disaster. And that hands the mess over to President Joe Biden when the country needs his leadership on the pandemic and many other more pressing issues.

The correct answer is censorship. This is now unlikely to happen, given the opposition from President Nancy Pelosi. And it is true that censorship does not have the public weight or the consequences of impeachment. But Pelosi is wrong to say that it is an “abdication”. Rather, censorship is the legally, constitutionally and democratically appropriate response to such outrages, given that a new president will be sworn in within eight days in all cases.

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