In close race, officials miraculously find 15,000 mostly Dem votes on USB stick – Dateway

Amid accusations of massive electoral fraud in Battlefield State aimed at rocking the presidential race for Joe Biden, outraged voters in Virginia’s 7th District are sounding the alarm after incumbent Abigail Spanberger was propelled to victory by the discovery of nearly 15,000 absentee advance votes stored on a USB drive in the Richmond suburb of Henrico County.

In a chain of events similar to those that have unfolded across the country, with around 85% of the votes reported, Republican challenger Nick Freitas, as well as President Donald Trump, led their respective races in the 7th margin, only to see these leads evaporate the next day after the apparent discovery of the ballots.

Of the 14,616 votes stored on disk, more than 70% of them went bankrupt for Spanberger and the incumbent declared victory. She now holds a of nearly 5,000 votes and 10,000 more ballots remain to be counted. As we saw in Pennsylvania, Virginia still accepted postal votes three days after the election.

The word transparency is often mentioned. But there is nothing transparent about the shameful 2020 election process that crushes the will of the American people. Video of fraud incidents poured into social media and the Lords of Silicon Valley could not do much. thing to stop it. Many of these videos must be reviewed for fraud.

As voters across the state began to explore the USB flash drive incident, drawing attention to what they point to as yet another example of a serious irregularity in the vote count, the county registrar de Henrico attributes the situation to cost-saving measures, saying the first absent votes were mistakenly stored on a USB labeled as holding provisional ballots because he feared spending $ 125 to correctly count the votes. during a presidential election cycle.

“They cost around $ 125 for a small 4 gig ,” Registrar Mike Coakley told local media. “Trying to money through the county instead of buying another . I just grabbed the one we already had from the temporary machine to use.

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“I know better now. We have funds available. “

The Freitas campaign, which represents the most libertarian wing of the Republican Party, appears to have remained silent on the USB issue, as well as countless other serious issues with the nationwide vote counting process, claiming in their only Twitter post since Election Day, “out of respect” to campaign supporters and volunteers, an “appropriate statement” will be made when the official tally is concluded.

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