Inside a neo-Nazi arms smuggling cabal linked to Camp Lejeune Marines

An active-duty Marine assigned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina has been charged with a gun conspiracy – which prosecutors say was led by a cabal of ex-neo-Nazi servicemen who wanted to create a “modern SS.”

Evidence includes a sickening video of actual gun training which ended with masked participants saluting “Heil Hitler” before a slide with the message: “Come home, white man.” It also includes chat logs in which the men discussed the shooting of anti-racist protesters.

Justin Wade Hermanson, 21, was named in a federal indictment along with Liam Collins, 21, and Jordan Duncan, 26, both ex-Marines who served at Camp Lejeune. The fourth person charged is Paul Kryscuk, 35, who partnered with Collins on Iron March, the now defunct fascist forum that spawned the terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division.

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