Inside the Alt-Right merger after the failed Capitol coup

After a few feverish hours on January 6, during which the fascists on social media platforms dared to utter the word “revolution”, they collapsed to reality – ruined and friendless hopes in the world after the deadly attack but ultimately unsuccessful against the United States Capitol. Now, as far-right groups feel cornered by the impending end of Trump’s presidency, the divisions between them become more palpable as a sense of failure grows and extremists nihilistically turn away discussions about a “political solution” and turn to white supremacist terror.

Cracks within the far right have already arisen on the eve of the Trump coup, when the outgoing president urged his supporters to march on Capitol Hill in an effort to intervene in the peaceful transition of power to the next democratically elected leader. . Just days before January 6, a story written by alt-right podcaster Erik Striker reignited an argument accusing the occult Satanist branch of fascism of being a front for the FBI, “a psychological operation intended to demoralize activists and cultivate whites ”. terrorists “they can march for greedy, anti-white media.” Not only was the satanic branch of fascism an unwitting tool, argued Striker, it was in fact a federal psyop.

The Striker article, which came primarily from a Scribd account attributed to Yahoo News, was based on what appeared to be an unclassified special analysis report from the FBI and the British National Counter Terrorism Center dated last November, which offered a summary of the order of fascist worship. of Nine Angles and its influence on terrorists. Specifically, the report called for raising awareness of the occult group – known to merge extremist tendencies of different religions into an ultraviolent syncretic form of fascist Satanism – and to help “disengage from terrorism-related activities.”

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