Inside The Hill Reports Election Fraud to Trump Hotline

Inside The Hill celebrates Biden’s victory and Pfizer vaccine news with CNN political commentator Hilary Rosen. Additionally, Teddy Hopper reports election fraud to the Trump hotline. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut Tooning Out The News is now streaming, only on CBS All Access. Subscribe to the “CBS All Access” Channel HERE: For more “Tooning Out The News” content, click HERE: Watch Full Episodes of “Tooning Out The News” HERE: Follow “Tooning Out The News” on Twitter HERE: Follow “Tooning Out The News” Out The News “on Instagram HERE: Like” Tooning Out The News “on Facebook HERE: Clip air date 11/10/2020 © 2020 CBS Interactive. All rights reserved. CBS All Access IS ON Registration: Visit: #CBSAllAccess #CBS.

Trump campaign makes headway on electoral fraud prosecutions

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