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Instagram now labels ‘state-controlled media’ accounts and posts – Dateway

Instagram has decided to label accounts and posts as “state-controlled media,” like its parent company Facebook, tech website Engadget reported.

According to the outlet, journalist Casey Michel was the first to notice that users in the United States are seeing such tags appear on their profile pages and posts.

Redfish, In the Now and Soapbox have already been referred to as “Russian state-controlled media”.

Outlets began to respond to the label in their bio saying, “We don’t agree” and “That’s not good!”

On a support page, Instagram explains that it maintains these accounts “at a higher level of transparency because we believe they combine the influence of a media organization with the support of a state.”

Later that day, Russian broadcaster RT said his Instagram account was given such a designation not only in his profile header but in all of his posts as well.

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The story of the channel’s editor, Margarita Simonyan, was also marked in this way. The report from the RIA Novosti news agency is now the same.

Facebook began enforcing the relevant policy in June.

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