“Intentional attack” on Colorado gas lines appears to be the work of leftist radicals – Dateway

The FBI is investigating three separate “intentional attacks” on gas lines near Aspen, Colorado.

The coordinated effort, which took place on Saturday , left thousands of residents without heat as temperatures dropped two degrees.

Black Hills Energy’s gas pipeline sites have been the target of every attack.

The words “Earth First,” written on a pipe from a natural gas pumping station, indicated a radical left-wing environmentalist motif.

Police are examining self-proclaimed “radical environmental group” called Earth First!

Aspen Deputy Police Chief Bill Linn said saboteurs must have some knowledge of gas lines because they “have tampered with the flow lines.” They shut off the gas lines.

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While the gas lines were down, local authorities distributed electric heaters to residents.

3,500 Black Hills Energy customers had no heat, and crews had to manually reset pilot lights in each of the thousands of homes left without gas.

Talk with Aspen time newspaper, Pitkin Commissioner Patti Clapper said, “It’s almost, to me, an act of terrorism. He tries to destroy a mountain community at the height of the holiday season. It was not a national gas problem. It was a deliberate act. Someone is trying to make some statement. “

Several businesses, restaurants and hotels had to close as a result of the attack.

Why do mainstream media ignore this domestic aggression?

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