Internet denounces MSM hackers who claim Facebook “is full of right-wing disinformation” about electoral theft

Kevin Roose from NYT and Ben Rhodes from MSNBC are among many liberals criticizing Facebook for allowing “right-wing disinformation” about the 2020 election.

Roose wrote: “Facebook is rife with right-wing disinformation right now. These are all among the 10 most engaged URLs on the platform in the last 24 @NewsWhip The data) “

Rhodes, a former Obama speechwriter, responded to Roose’s tweet, saying without a hint of irony: “It will take a generation to undo the damage Facebook has done to American democracy and speech. The fact that America’s main source of information is a sinkhole of disinformation and hate speech driven by a profit algorithm needs to be addressed through regulation. “

Rhodes’ first sentence is actually correct, but not as he understands it.

In fact, America might never recover from the damage Big Tech has done to free speech.

Proving that American citizens are thirsty for information the mainstream media withholds, Roose complains: “A Newsmax video full of debunked electoral fraud conspiracy theories (deceased voters, banned poll watchers, software glitches) is the third most shared post of the last three days. 15 million views, 345,000 shares. “

Continuing to emphasize the popularity of the Truth, Roose noted that “6 of the 10 most engaged articles on US pages in the past 24 hours are from Trump, 4 of which are tagged.

He then admits that one of the articles he previously described as “disinformation” is factual, but that it “feeds a stolen electoral narrative that will be difficult to recompose”.

As the Reagan Battalion Twitter page points out, none of the posts Roose tweeted is fake.

In several instances, Roose’s own diary reported “misinformation.”

For those who want to research for themselves and take left-wing media hacks not taking their word for it, check out the relevant articles below.

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Online curators called Roose and Rhodes for spreading their own misinformation.

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