Investigator says he was turned down when he tried to monitor Nevada ballot – Dateway

A Trump supporter who tried to monitor ballot counting in Nevada said he was asked to leave because votes were still being counted on election night.

The man, who claimed he was stereotypical for his support for Trump, alleges he was denied access to tally watching and at one point was asked why he was there .

“The question was asked at 1:30 am, ‘Why are you here?” And my response was, “Well, it’s election night. That’s why we’re here, and obviously you’re counting the votes.

“It was unique because they said they had an hour and a half to count, and an official came out… and asked us to sign some documents, and a few moments later we were asked to leave. .

“I find it ironic that we were asked to leave within 10 to 12 minutes when they said they had an hour and a half to count.”

Votes were still counted in Clark County, Nevada, Thursday, two days after election day. The state and her 6 electoral votes went to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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