Iranian nuclear mastermind Mohsen Fakhrizadeh shot dead in attack, state media reports

According to multiple reports, Iran’s leading nuclear scientist who allegedly orchestrated the country’s secret atomic bomb program was shot dead in an assassination attempt. There is conflicting information as to whether Mohsen Fakhrizadeh survived the attack.

Several Iranian news outlets, including state broadcaster IRIB, initially reported that the missile specialist was killed. But there has been no official confirmation of his death and other state media reported that Fakhrizadeh was only injured in the attack on his life and was hospitalized.

During continuous coverage of the incident, a state television broadcaster reportedly said: “News sources say a scientist was the victim of an assassination attempt in an armed attack by unknown to his team of bodyguards. ” The Fars News Agency reported that witnesses heard the sound of machine gun fire near a car Fakhrizadeh was in.

The scientist has long been believed to be the mastermind behind Iran’s mysterious atomic bomb program. The project was reportedly halted in 2003, although the country has consistently denied the existence of the program. In a 2018 profile, Saudi news network Al Arabiya dubbed Fakhrizadeh “the father of the Iranian regime’s nuclear bomb.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once mentioned the scientist at a press conference and added: “Remember that name.”

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