Is the great reset the work of Satan?

MICHAEL HICHBORN – GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: A LUCIFERIAN CONSPIRACY What is the “new world order”? What is the “big reset”? Many of us wonder what this is about. We asked Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute, to come on the Grace Force podcast. Why? Because Michael actually wrote his memoir about the centuries-old encroachment on nefarious figures who conspire to conquer world domination. In fact, the title of his thesis is the title of this podcast: “Global Governance: A Luciferian Conspiracy”. Needless to say, this topic is Michael’s lifelong passion. This is why you will be blown away as Michael Hichborn reveals so much of this “inside information” about the satanic conspiracy of this ruling class cabal of the “New World Order”. DON’T MISS THIS! Please WATCH AND SHARE !! ————————————– YOU WANT TO HELP GROW THIS PODCAST? – “Like” this video by clicking on the thumbs up icon just below the video – Share this video with your friends by clicking on the “share” icon – SUBSCRIBE by clicking on the red “s’ button subscribe ”under the video, then click the“ bell ”icon to receive a notification when we publish a new episode. ————————————– Help support this podcast by becoming a Grace Force Patron here: ————————————— Learn how to make your own bug out bag in case of emergencies here: ————————————— Become a BATTLE member READY COALITION and unite with like-minded Catholics and train for the intensification of the fight against body, mind and soul! Click on this link to join the waiting list: ————————————– – Prepare for a Crisis with the BATTLE READY Emergency Preparedness Course: —————————— ——— Get your hands on some US Grace Force Merch! Click here to see all of our popular models :.
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