Israeli minister warns of Middle East war if Biden wins – Dateway

Israeli Settlement Minister Tzachi Hanegbi warns that a Biden presidency could spark war in the Middle East, while Egypt fears Biden may be contributing to the resurgence of Islamists in the region.

Hanegbi pointed out that Biden has indicated he will resurrect the US nuclear deal with Iran, which was canceled by the Trump administration.

For Israel, this would pose an existential threat to national security and greatly increase the chances of war with Tehran.

“If Biden stays with this policy, there will be, in the end, a violent confrontation between Israel and Iran,” Hanegbi said.

Meanwhile, other Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt fear that a Biden administration may reflect the policies of Barack Obama, which has led to the empowerment of Islamists in the region.

Obama spearheaded the disastrous interventions in Syria and Libya that led to the rise of ISIS and the international migrant crisis.

Obama also suspended aid to Egypt after popular protests ousted Islamist President Muhammad Morsi in 2013.

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“Egyptians are likely to be worried about a revival of Obama’s democratic agenda which meant actively encouraging political participation by Islamists,” reports Arab Weekly.

So, in other words, if Biden wins, the Americans have at least four more years of disastrous foreign interventions to look forward to.



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