Israeli PM Netanyahu stabs ‘most pro-Israel president in history’ in the back – Dateway

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stabbed President Donald Trump in the back on Saturday night as he rushed to congratulate Joe Biden after being prematurely declared president by the media amid a host of storytelling and court challenges.

On Sunday morning, Netanyahu posted a video in which he congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory, then congratulated Trump for doing a lot of things for Israel.

Callers around the world implore president not to concede election and fight fraud

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Just two months ago, Donald Trump presented Netanyahu with the “key to the White House”.

The Jerusalem Post said on election day that who wins the presidency “doesn’t matter” because “Washington supports Israel”.

AIPAC said the same in a video last year.

AIPAC was quick to congratulate Biden and Harris on their “electoral victory” on Saturday.

The Times of Israel

“AIPAC congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on their electoral victory.”

“We also congratulate the elected and re-elected senators and representatives – Democrats and Republicans – who will join a predominantly pro-Israel Congress,” says the pro-Israel lobby.

“Despite the current deep political polarization, there remains a steadfast bipartisan commitment to the US-Israel alliance, as both presidential notes have taken strong pro-Israel positions. Whatever other issues divide us, America stands with Israel.

Nancy Pelosi told pro-Israel billionaire and top Democratic donor
Haim saban
at the 2018 Israeli American Council National Conference that “if this Capitol collapsed, the only thing left would be our commitment to help” Israel.

There are lessons to be learned here.

Incidentally, as Netanyahu rushed to stab Trump in the back, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – who himself was denied an election – said on Saturday
he will not congratulate any of the “candidates” for the US presidential election until all legal questions have been resolved and the number of votes has not been officially certified.

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He’s for Trump. It’s for Biden. Together they were in hell.

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