“It is shameful! Fox host scolds his colleagues for defending Trump’s ‘absurd’ fraud claims

Liberal Fox News host Juan Williams on Wednesday criticized fellow co-hosts for defending President Donald Trump’s continued efforts to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive victory, calling it “shameful” that they continue to push widely spread baseless allegations from voters. fraud.

Hours after the president posted a 46-minute video repeating his baseless plots that Biden had “robbed” him of the election, pro-Trump host Jesse Watters started the broadcast on Wednesday. The five comparing Trump’s false claims with the latest Republican “audition” election fraud show.

After releasing footage of GOP “witnesses” alleging voter fraud because they didn’t like the way they were treated by polling officers, Watters turned to his fellow Trump sycophant, Greg Gutfeld, to rule on witness statements.

Gutfeld, for his part, dismissed the idea that the claims are “unfounded,” insisting that only the media had judged them so before finally insisting that only a small amount was needed. of fraud to overturn the election against Trump.

“I think the idea, you don’t even need widespread fraud, all you need is a little bit of that in these specific cities and you can call an election,” he said. he declared.

Watters, meanwhile, referred to a GOP witness who claimed he carried nearly 400,000 completed ballots across state lines in Michigan and then his truck was stolen the next day, prompting Williams to intervene.

“If what he says has content, I’m sure Trump’s Republican officials will take it to court and let the courts decide,” he noted.

Williams also hit back at Gutfeld, noting that Attorney General William Barr recently said the Justice Department found no cases of electoral fraud that could upend the election results, wondering aloud if “Bill Barr is a Democrat now ”.

The left-wing scholar went on to say that many Republican officials came out and said the elections were safe and secure, leading Trump and his allies to assault them. Gutfeld and other hosts, however, called for Republican “whistleblowers” to be heard and taken seriously.

“Do you think the news division of Fox News is not interested in each of these elements?” Williams said after co-host Dagen McDowell complained about the media’s lack of interest. “You think The Washington Post and New York Times, Wall Street Journal have no interest in any of these? Of course they do!

Eventually, anchor Sandra Smith reminded the panel that Barr had not said any DOJ investigation into voter fraud was over, offering a silver lining.

“It makes an important distinction, in your opinion, between systemic allegations and circumstantial allegations,” she said. “How far do Republicans want the DOJ to delve into some of these individual allegations, is that what they’re here for?”

After Watters insisted that the DOJ should investigate every allegation, no matter how extravagant it was, Williams ultimately scolded his colleagues.

Yeah, like all that nonsense. How many of these cases were deemed ridiculous ?! Williams exclaimed, prompting Watters and Gutfeld to start yelling about dozens of “witness statements”.

“It is shameful!” Williams fired back.

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