Italian woman finds far-right Catholics buried her aborted fetus in secret cemetery plot

ROME – Hundreds of white and metallic crosses with the names of women who terminated their pregnancies in Roman hospitals line up in rows in a grassy section of the capital’s Flaminio cemetery. The area, nicknamed “Garden of Angels” has existed since the 1990s when the ultra-conservative Catholic group Difendere la Vita con Maria or Defend life with Mary, have somehow had access to medical waste in which they fish the fetuses to bury.

Some graves have faded teddy bears and windmills attached to the crosses. Others have notes and pictures of the Virgin Mary. None of them are cared for by the women whose fetuses are buried there, and now the practice of burial is the target of a class action lawsuit by nearly 100 women who say they never gave birth. permission for their fetuses to be buried.

The dying story was revealed last week when a woman known as FT gave a interview to La Repubblica newspaper. In it, she explained that she ended her pregnancy due to serious health issues for her and the survival of her unborn baby, and she says she was in shock. At the hospital in Rome, she said she signed numerous papers in circumstances which she describes as “blurring” of the trauma of her fear of health – including one in which she apparently gave to the waste management company of Rome AMA and to the conservative Catholic group permission to bury her fetus. with his name on a cross.

“It was as if they had buried me,” she said. “They decided I was already dead.

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