It’s almost worse when Trump tries to be normal

Asset? Act normally? It’s rare, but when it does, it’s dangerous.

On a special episode of The new abnormal Responding to the final presidential debate, Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson are joined by Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Tim Teeman Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), who is here to describe the fight against voter bullying in polling stations, and TNA fave, GOP political consultant Mike Madrid.

Molly was appalled at Trump’s near-normal debate performance. “It’s almost worse when Trump is trying to be normal than when Trump is just crazy,” she said. “When he acts like a normal president… then you are constantly controlling him in a way that you don’t when he’s just huffing and huffing and yelling.

Madrid, a veteran Republican pollster now working with the Lincoln Project, said Trump’s relative calm on stage means he cannot yet be counted out of the race. “If he just blew his top off, set his hair on fire and lay off, then we’d be like, OK, it’s done,” he says. “He can lie in different reports.”

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