It’s hard to care about a president who doesn’t care about us

Normally, a president who fell ill, and with the very illness which no less punishes the entire planet, would be a figure of immense sympathy. Normally, even a decent percentage of people on the other side would feel sympathy without conflict. Normally, too, this president would behave with grace and humility – and transparency, well aware that the credibility of the United States of America in the eyes of the world was in danger.

But that’s Donald Trump we’re talking about, and, as always with him and his suite of black shirts and droogies, nothing follows. Trump received a drug reserved for COVID patients with severe cases, and yet he is doing very well and he could be released today! And he’s doing this bizarre drive-by Sunday night, endangering Secret Service agents, so he can drink the adoration of a “crowd” in a town where he’ll be very lucky next month to win 12 % voices. At least he wasn’t holding a Bible upside down. It’s all a lie to get through a news cycle, which is all this crowd has ever had.

Trump won’t get that sympathy without conflict, and he won’t get it because he doesn’t deserve it. He will get sympathy; most people are honest people who wish everyone who is ill a recovery, as I did in my last column. But it will be a deeply conflicting sympathy, as most of the United States agrees that he is a foolish fool who does not care who he fell ill in Bedminster and who will gladly bring this nation’s credibility to the world the full truth. on this subject.

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