It’s time to stop Trump’s takeover

I never thought this could happen here in America. But it’s happening here, right in front of our eyes.

We’ve all played soccer with Trump and his ilk for far too long. We looked the other way. We said, “Oh, it’s just him.” We dismissed his supporters as a bunch of white nationalists and uneducated Rednecks. When in reality, they are 71 million Americans. They are not rednecks. They are not stupid people. There are our neighbors. Colleagues. Friends. Family members. They serve in the armed forces. They voted for four more years of chaos, hatred, division, lies, rallies, embarrassment on the world stage, death by covid, and so on.

It’s time for us to wake up and start facing Donald Trump like the budding dictator that he is. That the US Secretary of State smirks that there will be a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration” when Joe Biden is declared the winner of the Electoral College is outrageous. It is also dangerous. It was right after Trump sacked the Defense Secretary and the man vowed to uphold and enforce US laws, Attorney General Bill Barr authorized investigations into election results. . It does not go well. This is not what we do in America.

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