“Jab & Go!” Irelands No 1 Airline pushes Vaccine Gimmick to promote summer flights – Dateway

Jab & Go Low cost airline Ryanair promotes summer flight sales with a ‘Jab & Go!’ advertising gimmick although he has previously said he will not require passengers to take a COVID vaccine before flying.

Ryanair’s website features a banner with the words “BOOK SUMMER – VACCINES ARE COMING” next to a generic image of a needle next to the words “Jab & Go!”

The ad appears to promote some sort of package where people can organize their vaccination at the same time as they book their flight, but it’s all just a gimmick – Ryanair doesn’t bother to organize vaccinations.

Jab & Go

However, the promotion left many wondering if Ryanair was signaling that it would require passengers to take the photo before they are allowed to fly.

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If so, it contradicts a previous statement from Ryanair chief executive Eddie Wilson who said the company has no plans to mandate the coup.

Jab & Go

“With Qantas they are a long-haul operator – vaccinations in this context are really for the long-haul,” he said, referring to the Australian airline’s announcement that it would oblige passengers to get vaccinated.

β€œWith the short haul and the freedom of movement of people in Europe… I think we will see an entirely different landscape in spring and early summer, not really relevant for short haul and European travel”, a- he added.

As we previously reported, other airlines have indicated they will not allow passengers who have not received the vaccine to fly, including Singapore Airlines, which became the first carrier to officially launch a passport. COVID, which will display the passenger’s vaccination status and COVID test results.

Last month, a UK travel company announced it would boycott Qantas over its ‘no vaccine, no flight’ policy, saying travelers should be given freedom of choice.

Meanwhile, thousands of Britons who booked flights to visit family members abroad and were subsequently barred from entering dozens of countries due to COVID were further enraged when Ryanair refused to reimburse their flight costs.


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