Jake Paul asked if knocking out black man in boxing match was racist Dateway

YouTuber Jake Paul, who beat former NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match last month, was asked by a VICE host if KO Robinson was racist.

Yes really.

Paul, who once fought another black opponent in YouTuber Deji, picked up a second round knockout victory over Robinson in a fight that was part of the under-map for the Mike Tyson exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr.

In a later interview with Paul on a VICE show called Cari & Jemele (Won’t) Stick to Sports, host Jemele Hill said that she “almost must have protested this show.

“We’ve seen what happened to Nate Robinson, so I’m going to ask Jake Paul… given where we’re at in our racial right now in America, have you made Nate Robinson a racist?”

“No, stop playing with me,” Paul replied.

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“We just had to see a white man hit a black man right in front of all of America, that’s why I asked that question,” Hill said.

After Paul reconnected to Wi-Fi, Hill co-host Cari Champion asked him the same question: “It was racist to knock out a black man, that is the question of the week.”

“Stop asking me that, I said no, it’s a shitty question, it’s a sport,” Paul replied.

“Why is that a crappy question?” Champion asked.

“How does that have anything to do with race? It is not, ”said Paul.

“That’s a good question, we have to wake you up, you have to be a part of this ,” Champion said.

It’s hard to say whether Hill and Champion were serious or not (this is VICE), but the that they’ve asked the question multiple times suggests that they do indeed think it’s racist for whites to beat them. Black people in competitive sports games.

And after? Handicaps for whites to justify their privilege? Maybe Paul should have had a hand tied behind his back.



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