Jake Tapper literally laughs when Larry Kudlow says we are dealing with COVID safely

CNN presenter Jake Tapper laughed and shook his head Sunday morning when White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow insisted the United States was “learning how to deal” with the novel coronavirus in a manner ” safe, ”noting that viral infections had increased across the country.

Appearing on sunday State of the Union To discuss the Trump administration’s attempt to revive the stimulus deal negotiations after President Donald Trump announced last week that he was killing the negotiations, Kudlow attempted to thread a needle into claiming that the economy had already rebounded strongly but further stimulus was still needed.

“It’s not so much an election issue per se,” Kudlow said. “I know it’s a political season, I understand that, it gives Americans a tough time. We have seen a flood of numbers on successful improvements across all areas of the economy, but there really is no reason we can’t add to that with some extra help over the next three months and I think you can get a deal.

Tapper asked if Trump’s aide felt that a stimulus package needed to be passed quickly in order to avoid job losses, and Kudlow said he did not “think the recovery depended on it” while still holding out. touting “really strong numbers” in manufacturing. industry.

“Moody’s Mark Zandi says if a stimulus bill is not passed soon, the country will start cutting jobs again,” Tapper retorted.

Kudlow dismissed the analysis, describing Zandi as an “opponent of Republican politics” before reiterating his belief that the economy is currently in “strong recovery”. He then avoided concerns about the lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed 215,000 Americans.

“We are learning to fight the virus in a targeted, safe and preventive way,” he proclaimed, prompting a laughing Tapper to step in.

“No we are not,” exclaimed the CNN presenter, adding, “We will not learn to live with the virus, Larry. We have had four consecutive days of 50,000 infections and the death rate is the highest in the world.

Kudlow, of course, is the same person who confidently said in February that the US government “contained” the virus “pretty close to airtight.” The country has suffered from more than seven million infections since the comments. The economist also referred to the pandemic in the past tense at the Republican National Convention this summer, hinting that the United States had already passed it.

Towards the end of the interview, Tapper referred to the president’s insistence on resuming public gatherings and White House events after his recent hospitalization with COVID-19, noting that there was likely a “super-spreader” event. At the White House last month.

“As someone who loves you and wants you to live a long, long life, I hope you stay safe, but I don’t know if the folks in the White House are also concerned about the people who work at the White House and Trump’s own supporters like I am, ”the CNN host said. “It’s not sure to have big rallies!”

“There will be masks at these gatherings,” Kudlow said. “There will be social distancing at these gatherings. There will be appropriate tests. In many of these places you are tested on the way. Above all, we have to stick to hygiene issues, washing hands and face, etc. These things can be done. We can do that. “

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