Japanese Foreign Minister announces plan to “transform Japan into a diverse multi-ethnic society” – Dateway

The Japanese Foreign Minister announced a plan to “transform Japan into a diverse multi-ethnic society” by encouraging mass immigration and giving foreign residents the right to vote.

Toshimitsu Motegi is a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politician and has served as the country’s foreign minister since September 2019.

During a question-and-answer session, Motegi said his “national vision” meant “transforming 21st century Japan into a“ diverse multi-ethnic society ”through mass immigration from around the world.

This would also be achieved by codifying English as the second language of the country and giving “suffrage to foreign residents”.

Japan is 98.1% of Japanese origin, with the second most populous ethnicity being Chinese at only 0.5%.

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The country has an extremely low crime rate and terrorism is very rare. In 2017, at the height of the refugee crisis, it was revealed that Japan had turned down 99% of refugees, only accepting 28 in 2016.

In 2018, leftists in the United States started demanding that Japan embrace multiculturalism because a mid-Japanese tennis player with a Haitian-American father won the US .

In an article titled Japan Needs “ Foreign Blood ” like that of Naomi Osaka, Jake Adelstein of the Daily Beast acknowledged that limited immigration, an ethnically homogeneous Japan has a low crime rate and shootings remain low. a figure each year, but claimed this is due to strong police and gun control laws.

Claiming that “xenophobia runs deep” in Japan, Adelstein urged the country to “create the multiracial society it needs to and prosper as a nation” because of its declining birth rate.

“With a declining population but a slightly increasing number of international marriages, Japan must decide how to fight racism, embrace multiculturalism and tolerance if it is to ,” he concluded, drawing attention to a United Nations migration plan that suggests in order to keep the size of the working-age population constant, Japan “would need 33.5 million immigrants from 1995 to 2050”.

The Japanese people are widely opposed to mass immigration, showing hostility even to Chinese migrants despite the fact that they represent only a small fraction of the population.

If Motegi is successful, they may be on the verge of finding out for themselves whether is a ‘strength’.



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