Japan’s dreaded Yakuza really misses Halloween this year

IIt’s rare for kids to shake gangsters for candy – but until this Halloween, kids in Kobe, Japan, were able to terrorize the local yakuza (Japanese mafia) with a “Trick or Treat!” noisy! And the yakuza obviously loved it. For , thugs and kids have been eagerly awaiting the annual Halloween festivities at the headquarters of Japan’s largest mob group.

The Yamaguchi-gumi, the country’s largest criminal group, discovered Halloween by accident when students at international schools cheated or treated their desks decades ago. What started as a goofy offer of money from gangsters to appease local children has turned into a time-honored neighborhood celebration.

This decades-long tradition came to an end this year. But ‘Yakuza Halloween’ has not been canceled due to COVID-19 – instead, passed by the Hyogo Prefecture Assembly this month now prohibit gangsters from giving out (active) candy children, or allow them to enter their property.

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