Jeffrey McKellop, former army special forces soldier, charged after riot on Capitol Hill

A retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier faces charges after allegedly attacking several police officers, one with a flagpole, during the Capitol Riots.

Jeffrey McKellop, of Virginia, has been charged with several felonies, assaulting, resisting or obstructing certain officers with a lethal weapon and violent entry. Prosecutors allege that during the Jan.6 siege, McKellop can be seen fighting with a line of DC Metropolitan Police officers trying to keep crowds out of the Capitol, before throwing bottles and masts , and try to catch their riot spray.

McKellop is seen picking up “a flagpole from the ground” and “shov[ing] he in the face “of a DC cop before throwing the mast at another cop, according to an unsealed criminal complaint Thursday. The flag pole had a “Blue Line National” flag and a thirteen star “Betsy Ross” flag embossed with the words “Trump.” Keep America Great ”on it.

“McKellop’s actions caused a laceration in the face of the MPD 4 officer,” the complaint notes, adding that he allegedly injured at least three other officers.

Prosecutors say they were first alerted to McKellop’s identity after several tipsters identified him on an FBI website seeking public advice. One such witness, who had known McKellop for at least six years, “described him as a retired US Army Special Forces soldier and military contractor who at times works overseas and resides in Fishersville, Va., near Staunton, Va. . “

Another person said he served with McKellop from 2001 to 2016 and noted that he “was a military contractor” who had been overseas as recently as 2018. The same witness also identified the contents of a “kit” McKellop can be seen wearing in photos and videos, which included a helmet, gas mask and ballistic vest.

The complaint states that the “kit” contained the same equipment that the first witness saw McKellop “wearing in a combat zone overseas in 2018”. In one video, a patch that is a symbol of the US Army Special Forces can be seen on McKellop’s backpack.

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