Jeffrey Sprecher, Loeffler’s husband, entangled in US Marshals Service home surveillance operation

Senator Kelly Loeffler’s husband rents an airport hangar from the US Marshals Service for what appears to be a home surveillance operation – at a very good profit – in a deal shrouded in secrecy.

This operation, a national mobile phone surveillance campaign first reported by The Wall Street Journal in 2014, sparked an uproar from Oregon’s Loeffler colleagues last year, after local media discovered that a Marshal’s Service plane circled for hours over an anti-racist protest in Portland June 13.

Three days later, flight records show the exact plane landed at the Fulton County Airport in Atlanta, Georgia – where the Marshals Department leases space from Fulton County Hangar Services, part of the vast business empire led by Loeffler’s husband Jeffrey Sprecher. The federal government renewed its rental relationship with the company that same month.

The hangar at 4165 South Airport Rd. Northwest, which Loeffler identified as one of her husband’s holdings in his first financial disclosure after his Senate appointment last year, sits along a scarred service road at the Fulton County Airport, off the main thoroughfare of Martin Luther King Drive.

The General Service Administration, which leases space on behalf of other federal agencies, confirmed to the Daily Beast that it has paid Fulton County Shed Services nearly $ 250,000 a year since 2014, when Loeffler was still on duty. executive in her husband’s company, Intercontinental. Exchange, which also owns the New York Stock Exchange. The GSA added that it extended the lease for three years last summer.

But the details of the arrangement are shrouded in layers of government and corporate opacity. Fulton County Hangar Services is a registered federal contractor, but their contracts cannot be viewed in any public database. The Rewards Management System, a government search engine for tracking DC business transactions, classifies company information as “restricted.” When pressed by The Daily Beast, the GSA declined to answer which agencies are stationed in the hangar and for what purpose, citing the “mission sensitivities of the federal tenants at this facility.”

The Federal Aviation Administration operated out of the hangar until November 2019, but told the Daily Beast that it is now a US Marshals facility.

The Marshal’s Department declined to answer questions about its presence and activities in the hangar, and neither Loeffler, Sprecher, Intercontinental Exchange, nor Fulton County – which owns the Fulton County Airport and rents hangars there to tenants. private – did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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