Jenks, Oklahoma High School Celebrates Football Title with ‘Superspreader’ Photo, Sparking Massive Backlash

The photo of delighted teens in football uniforms, fans in the stands and high school cheerleaders in brown and white waving golden pom poms could have been a photo of Friday night lights.

But when a school district in Jenks, Oklahoma posted footage of its champion high school state football team celebrating the victory over the weekend, the response was far from praise.

Between the oversized gold knots, bright yellow cowboy hats and hundreds of students gathered in jubilation were a small handful of masks – reminders of the viral pandemic ravaging the region and the country. Hundreds of comments on the Jenks public schools Facebook page were bubbling up, after the country set horrific new national records for COVID-19-related deaths and hospitalizations last week.

“Why isn’t anyone wearing a mask?” asked one.

“Great spreading event?” another asked.

“Each of these kids is old enough to know what’s going on and to wear a mask,” wrote a third. “I’m only a few years older, at most. Shame on each of them. When their elderly family dies, I hope it will eat away at their souls for the rest of their lives.

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