Jessica Watkins, oath keepers, plans to deploy armed forces to Capitol Riot, prosecutors say

Oath guard Jessica Watkins had no plans to storm the Capitol on Jan.6 with her mace, taser, and baton only.

After more than two months of preparation and training, the veteran of the army was ready to “fight hand to hand” to take control of the Capitol. Then there was the “rapid reaction force” she helped set up – an armed group that would linger outside of DC, ready to bring weapons to Watkins and other Oaths. Keepers “if things go wrong” or if Trump ordered them to storm the city.

“I am not a doctor. I am a soldier. A doctor with a gun, maybe, but a soldier [sic]. I’m going to hurt / kill those who try to hurt / kill me or others, ”Watkins said in a text message, according to a detention memo filed Thursday.

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