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Jesus told Andrew Towe in 3 words what he is about to release on earth. ▶ ▶ The anointing and the blessing [Book & CDs]: Andrew Towe says God orders the seasons. Now a long awaited season is upon us. The season of God the Father. Andrew’s new book, The Triple Threat Anointing, explains how it won’t be a one-dimensional of God, or a one-man show. It will be the spectacle of God moving through you, and His blessings go with it. Andrew defines what to expect and how your expectation will move the hand of God. You will learn how to: • Sink in what God calls His Triple Threat Anointing • See or impossibility with supernatural eyes of faith • Live with a heart waiting to receive miracles • Identify when “the effect of the Holy -Spirit ‘operates • Pushing through demonic This is about your relationship with God and His sovereign power released through you. It is the testimony of his steadfast goodness, where his store of blessings resides. Andrew’s 3-CD / audio series Living in Triple Blessing shows you how to get around with this escape from God. Wait for it and make room for it in your home! ▶ ▶ The anointing and the blessing [Book & CDs]: ORDER THIS EPISODE ON DVD – THE SUPERNATURAL BIBLE – CLICK HERE TO START YOUR HEALING – DONATE – Join our mentoring club! – FREE Newsletter! – Copyright Sid Roth’s It’s supernatural! #SidRoth #AndrewTowe # Jesus.
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