Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden just doesn’t work

SA few years ago, Jim Carrey’s team contacted me to place an editorial in The Daily Beast. The article, written by Carrey, discussed the supposed dangers of vaccines, including the MMR vaccine, and linked them to autism. We chose to err on the side of established science and dismissed the chronicle, seeing it as irresponsible at best and dangerous at worst – given that the medical community has concluded that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. Carrey finally placed the column in the Huffington Post, an outlet that has handled an extraordinary number of anti-vaxx parts (and has since eliminated a lot).

While a number of other celebrities have flirted with or outright endorsed anti-vaxx conspiracies, including Donald Trump, who tweeted in 2014, “A young healthy child goes to the doctor, gets pumped with a massive injection of many vaccines, does not feel well and changes – AUTISM. Lots of such cases! – Carrey has made it his famous cause, writing articles, tweeting his millions of followers (including one where he used a photo – and distorted the diagnosis – of a boy with autism without their consent), organize an anti-vaxx march on Washington and call Governor Jerry Brown a “fascist” on a California vaccination law from 2015. He has become the Hollywood face of the anti-science movement, which is why it is rather strange that Saturday Night Live chose to cast it as Donald Trump’s foil from Alec Baldwin.

We are still grappling with a global pandemic that has left more than 220,000 Americans, in large part thanks to President Trump’s reckless response to COVID-19, which has put his hopes of re-election above the lives of people. And, as we enter the home stretch of the election, his Democratic opponent Joe Biden has Many times throw away himself as a pro-science candidate who will “listen to the scientists”. This juxtaposition was on full display during Carrey’s October 3. SNL start – a recreation of the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden.

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