Jimmy Kimmel brutally mocks Rudy Giuliani star Melissa Carone

Twitter spent most of Thursday trying to Saturday Night Live cast member would portray the latest incredible election “witness” to emerge from Rudy Giuliani’s “hearings”. The consensus seemed to be Kate McKinnon, but she would likely have a hard time playing both Giuliani and Melissa Carone.

Anyway, it was Jimmy Kimmel who had the first late night crack in Carone during his monologue Thursday night.

“Cousin Rudy is all the rage again,” the host said. “There are some crazy things going on right now that most people probably aren’t even aware of. Trump’s craziest crazies show up at what they call “election hearings” and all the crazies are out of the trash.

“Last night we were introduced to a new character in the Trumperverse, a woman named Melissa Carone – unrelated to the virus,” Kimmel joked. “And I say character because I’ve watched this clip about 14 times now and I’m still not convinced that she’s a real person.”

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