Jimmy Kimmel destroys Trump’s ‘Million Moron’ #StopTheSteal March

Before Donald Trump’s #StopTheSteal rally began in earnest on Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel got a head start by poking fun at the opening ceremonies on Tuesday night, including a speaker denying COVID-19 who urged attendees to s ‘kiss to create a mass-market event.

“The gloves were taken off, as were the masks during this rally,” said the late night host during his monologue. “A real dipwit named Clay Clark took the stage today to convince the hardcore members of the Trump cult to kill themselves once and for all.

Kimmel played a montage of Clark stating that COVID is’ not fatal ‘before telling Trump supporters in the crowd,’ Turn to the person next to you, give him a hug, someone you you do not know. Go give someone a hug. As they followed his deeply flawed advice, he chanted, “This is a massive broadcast event!”

“Now everyone get on and take a Tide Pod, let’s eat!” Kimmel added. “The stupidity is breathtaking. Literally. Many of these people will soon be on a ventilator. “

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