Joe Barton Boards ‘The Batman’ TV Series After Terence Winter Exit – Dateway

Giri / Haji Creator Joe Barton travels to Gotham to take on the show running duties for HBO Max The Batman TV series.

The British writer joined the series as showrunner and executive producer after Terence Winter left in November.

It was understood that the Boardwalk Empire The creator quit the series, which is a companion to Matt Reeves’ feature film Batman, because of creative differences.

Barton is best known for creating a crime drama set in Tokyo and London Giri / Haji for Netflix and the BBC. He also wrote on AMC and Channel 4 sci-fi drama People and Netflix and BBC epic drama Troy: Fall of a City. Other projects are Sky thrillers die out and an adaptation by Sally Green Half bad with Andy Serkis for Netflix.

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HBO Max made a number of commitments on the project this past summer. It aims to build on the film’s investigation into the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City and open a new Batman universe across multiple platforms. Focusing on the Gotham Police Department, the series will expand the world established in the film and further explore Gotham’s myriad complex characters.

Reeves said in August that the series is a sequel to his Batman Year Two film. The show takes place in Batman year one, when a “masked vigilante … begins to unsettle the city”. The series will focus on the city’s corruption “going back many years” narrated by the POV of a crooked cop, Reeves said in August.

It’s from Reeves’ 6th & Idaho in association with Warner Bros. Television. Reeves, Barton and The Batman Producer Dylan Clark are executive producers alongside Daniel Pipski and Adam Kassan of 6th & Idaho. Rafi Crohn of 6th & Idaho is co-executive producer. It’s based on characters that Bob Kane created for DC with Bill Finger.

Barton is represented by ICM Partners, Grandview and Independent Talent Group.

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