Joe Biden appoints first female secretary of the military

Christine Wormuth; Getty Images

Joe Biden appointed the army’s first female secretary on Monday.

If confirmed, Christine Wormuth, director of RAND Corp’s Center for International and Defense Policy, will be the first woman to hold the post.

“Christine is a true patriot with a career dedicated to serving America and the of our ,” Secretary of Defense Lloyd said in a urging the Senate to confirm it. “I have no doubt that, if confirmed, she will lead our soldiers and represent their families with honor and integrity as Secretary of the Army.”

The Hill reported:

Wormuth most recently served as Biden’s Pentagon Transition Team Leader, a role she took over after Assistant Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks stepped down to focus on her own confirmation process. .

She last worked in the Pentagon during the Obama administration. From 2014 to 2016, she served as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, considered the third most powerful civilian post in the department, a role that enabled her to “advise two Secretaries of Defense on all questions of foreign policy and national ”. Said the White House.

“As a former Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy, Christine has advanced the campaign against ISIS and rebalancing in Asia, and her deep expertise will be essential in addressing and deterring today’s global threats.” hui, including the challenge of the pace of China and the -state threats emanating from Russia, Iran and North Korea, ” said in the .

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