Joe Biden declares ‘America’s Back’ from ‘Grim Era’

WILMINGTON, Del. – For four years America has been a nation at war with itself. But on Saturday night, President-elect Joe Biden encouraged the tens of millions of Americans watching to put aside “the constant battle between our best angels and our darkest impulses.”

“May this dark era of demonization in America begin to end here and now,” Biden told a cheering crowd in Wilmington, Delaware, hours after the start of the presidential race. “It’s time for our best angels to win.”

In a victory speech emphasizing the message of national unity and a restoration of common decency that has driven his entire campaign, Biden pledged to be a president who will unify the nation behind a common goal – and to not to treat your opponents as enemies.

“It’s time to put the harsh rhetoric aside, turn down the heat, see each other again, listen to each other again,” Biden said, “but in order to move forward we have to stop treating our adversaries as our enemies. They are not our enemies, they are Americans.

One division, however, remains unhealed. Opponent President Donald Trump was not mentioned in the remarks of Biden, who has so far refused to concede the race and has defiantly vowed to fight any results that do not guarantee him a second term. Biden contacted Trump supporters, but not by name, to be part of “the largest and most diverse coalition in history.”

Earlier today, Biden privately shared his hopes of raising awareness of the president’s supporters with his campaign staff, telling them in a video he urged them to contact people carrying Trump signs in their gardens.

“Reach out to them,” Biden said. “Tell them, ‘it’s not personal, it’s about coming together and restoring the core values ​​that we have had for generations and generations here in America.’”

“The rest of the country is looking to us, the rest of the world is looking to us,” Biden added. “So we’re going to make sure that both the county moves towards unity and the world in turmoil, the message is America is back.”

The diversity of that coalition, Biden said, is what led to the election of the first black woman of South Asian descent as vice-president – with whom he shared a double punch after having her presented – and what saved his political future after a series of meteoric losses in the Democratic primaries left him on the verge of losing his third White House race.

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