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Appearing to a huge crowd in Pennsylvania on Monday night, President Trump described his opponent Joe Biden as a “diehard globalist” who will kill the US economy.

“Joe Biden is a die-hard globalist who wiped out your steel mills, shut down your factories, killed your coal jobs, outsourced your industries and backed all the ugly and terrible ridiculous trade deals for over half a century,” Trump said to thousands of people. .

“Think about it, 47 and over he was a cheerleader for NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever, and I ended it,” Trump added.

“Remember I used to say, we’re gonna finish and everyone smiled, they said hey look, give me a chance, I got it, so no one thought I could do that “, continued the president.

“USMCA has just launched and it’s amazing for our country less for their countries, but that’s okay,” exploded Trump.

Trump added that Biden “had voted enthusiastically for China’s entry into the World Trade Organization,” noting that “it was the start of China’s rise to power, it was a disaster. They’ve been flat for years and years and then bump up. Thank you very much Joe, I appreciate it, ”Trump said.

“Joe and others, decimating your manufacturing and making China richer at your expense, you know that,” the president urged.

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Elsewhere during the rally, Trump warned that Biden would prolong the pandemic if he was successful in getting elected:

Trump insisted that Pennsylvania and other hard-working cities must be opened, and that won’t happen under Biden:

Trump warned that Biden had pledged to cut jobs in the city:

Trump further warned that Biden would destroy the industry:

The president seemed convinced, however, that this wouldn’t be a problem, reading his own poll numbers and saying that it “looked good”:

Trump noted that Biden didn’t even remember who he was running against:

Referring to Biden putting a ‘lid’ on events, Trump said Biden should be ashamed of not campaigning hard enough:

At a second event in Martinsburg later that evening (Trump held THREE rallies yesterday), Trump noted that Biden “doesn’t do these kinds of rallies because nobody shows up”:

Nearby, Biden briefly came out of his basement and proved that Trump was exactly right, as only 20 people showed up in a field he was standing in:

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