Joe Biden is President-elect and New York, Washington, DC, celebrates thoroughly

Thousands of Americans took to the streets on Saturday, filling the air with every plausible expression of joy as Democrat Joe Biden, whose head in key states like Pennsylvania and Nevada had long been insurmountable, finally been declared president-elect.

The end of the presidency of Donald Trump, particularly hated in the big cities (some of which contributed to his dismissal from his post), was near. And the pandemic-era weekend plans weren’t going to stand in the way of some crazy celebrations.

In Washington, DC, residents celebrated Biden’s victory as close to the White House as possible, separated from the building by blocks of security fencing. In the street, drivers honked their horns and waiters at a restaurant would tip over and whip napkins in celebration. A crowd carried a giant inflatable Trump ball as a rat to the White House celebration, where he was greeted with cheers.

“We are so happy that America is coming back,” said Toni Marsh, a George Washington University professor who visited the White House after the start of the race for Biden.

At the closing, cheering Biden supporters sang “Sha Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye!”

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