Joe Biden keeps lead in Georgia after recount; Giuliani says story ‘doesn’t mean anything’ – Dateway

Georgia’s secretary of state on Thursday announced the completion of the manual recount of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election and confirmed the leadership of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The recount, which consisted of a full manual count of the five million votes cast, began on November 13, according to the secretary of state’s office. The office is required to certify the results by Friday.

The first results saw Biden overtake President Donald Trump by around 14,000 votes. The recount put Biden ahead by 12,284 votes. The secretary of state’s office said the variation in results was anticipated.

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“The difference between the audit results and the original machine-counted results is well within the expected human error range when manually counting the ballots,” said Ben Adida, executive director of VotingWorks, in the announcement by Secretary of State. The secretary of state cited a study that “manually counting votes in post-election audit or recount procedures can lead to error rates of up to 2%”.

The office said that in the Georgia recount, the highest error rate in all county recounts was 0.73% and said most counties did not see changes in their final counts.

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