Joe Biden pledges to achieve Operation Lockstep goal of cutting U.S. electricity – Dateway

Joe Biden suffered serious incidents when he tried to give Americans an update on his last virtual meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While discussing “lockdown” work with Canada on climate goals, Biden fumbled when he mentioned a new climate change commission that he mistakenly dubbed a “Ministerial Conference on Climate Ambition.”

Biden also mentioned moving forward in creating good jobs for Canadians and Americans, despite the Canadian Prime Minister having expressed his disagreement with the decimation of thousands of jobs resulting from the removal of work on the Keystone XL pipeline – which was not mentioned at the meeting.

At the end of Biden’s lecture, he turns to the right of the stage, expecting to watch Trudeau, but the camera thing doesn’t work as Trudeau appears to his left instead.

All in all, just another round of flubs added to the side spectacle of the clown world that is Biden’s presidency.

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