Joe Biden praises “bipartisan vote” of Donald Trump’s recent impeachment – deadline

Seven days before he is due to be sworn in as the 46th President of the deeply divided United States, Joe Biden today praised the House of Representatives for the second indictment against Donald Trump and urged that other business of government move forward.

In essence, as he has done since the Trump-inspired murderous attack on Congress on Jan. 6, the president-elect walked a fine line between ending the former Celebrity Apprentice‘s reign of error and start its own administration.

“Today the members of the House of Representatives exercised the powers conferred on them under our constitution and voted to indict and hold the President accountable,” Biden said in a statement Wednesday after the House of Representatives voted between 232 and 197 votes in favor of Trump for inciting MAGA idiots fueled the US Capitol riot last week.
“It was a bipartisan vote, cast by Members who followed the Constitution and followed their conscience,” PEOTUS added, noting that 10 Republicans, including the Chairman of the House Republican Conference,
Liz Cheney, along with all the Democrats in the lower chamber.

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“The trial continues to the Senate,” noted Biden.

Of course, that process will not move forward as quickly as outgoing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced today that “there is simply no chance a fair or serious trial can be completed” before Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on Jan. 20 complete Take off your official silk in a completed DC.

A reality the former longtime Delaware Senator wanted to get the most out of until the Democrats officially take control of the deadlocked upper chamber on Jan. 22 – then Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will have their runoff results certified and they can be sworn in according to a 50:50 split of seats, VP Harris will be the main driver of the Senate business and the Biden agenda.

“This nation remains in the grip of a deadly virus and a volatile economy,” Biden said today. “I hope the Senate leadership will find a way to manage their constitutional impeachment responsibilities while working on the nation’s other pressing affairs,” he said, condemning Trump for instigating the “planned and coordinated” siege “Unprecedented attack on our democracy.”

“From affirmations to key positions like secretaries for homeland security, state, defense, treasury and director of the national secret service, to get our vaccination program going and get our economy going again,” proclaimed Biden. “Too many of our fellow Americans have suffered too long in the past year to delay this urgent work.”

Biden has been thinking publicly over the past few days that the Senate should “split” its days to handle the impeachment and establish its cabinet candidates.

When Biden tried to thread the needle to advance the nation, a newly elected congressman pulled the curtain back on GOP tactics with some impeachment news of her own. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was wearing a mask on the floor of the house with the word “censored” on it, told Newsmax today that she intended to impeach Biden on Jan. 21. The attention of the self-explanatory conspiracy theorist The 14th Congress District of Georgia has no chance of success with the GOP in the minority. However, Greene’s move, first posted on social media in true Trump-style, undoubtedly shows that extremist Republicans are in utterly confused mode just a week after they invaded the Capitol

In his prudent statement on Wednesday, Biden himself did not mention Trump’s teleprompter-controlled video this afternoon after the impeachment vote. On the other hand, Trump, now historically twice accused, did not even mention the vote in his too small, too late remarks that “no real supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence”.

President-elect Biden is expected to be in front of the socially distant cameras tomorrow in a speech about the still growing coronavirus pandemic and the ailing economy. Trump doesn’t seem up to anything, as has pretty much been the case since the elections late last year.

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