Joe Biden withdraws Afghan troops

U.S. troops patrol an Afghan National Army base in Logar province, Afghanistan on August 7, 2018. (Omar Sobhani / Reuters)

President Biden has decided to withdraw all American soldiers from Afghanistan by September 11, the several outlets reported on Tuesday.

Biden will keep around 3,000 soldiers in Afghanistan after the May withdrawal date requested by the Trump administration, US officials said Times. However, these troops would be brought home by autumn.

Biden is expected to announce the decision on Wednesday. In addition to US troops, around 7,000 soldiers from other nations are currently stationed in the country, most of them NATO employees.

The US is currently trying to negotiate a peace agreement between the Afghan government and Taliban fighters. The Taliban have threatened to attack US forces if they do not withdraw by May 1.

“The reality is that the United States has great strategic interests in the world, like non-proliferation, like an increasingly aggressive and assertive Russia, like North Korea and Iran” and China. a person familiar with withdrawal considerations, said the Washington Post. “The main threats to the American homeland are actually from other places: from Africa, parts of the East – Syria and Yemen … Afghanistan just isn’t on par with these other threats right now.”

The US intelligence services concluded in an annual threat assessment report that the Afghan government will have difficulty countering Taliban offensives.

“The Afghan government will struggle to keep the Taliban in check if the coalition withdraws its support,” the report said.

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