Joe Biden’s outrageous Supreme Court order

Last Friday, Joe Biden announced an order to examine the possibility of consolidating the United States Supreme Court.

The order establishing the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States can be accessed through the White House web page.

This decree creates a commission, made up of up to 36 members, all appointed by the president, to provide analysis on reform of the Supreme Court, including indictment, limitation of judicial terms and other proposals. The functions of this Commission are as follows:

Provide “An account of contemporary commentary and debate on the role and functioning of the Supreme Court in our constitutional system and on the functioning of the constitutional process by which the President appoints and, with and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints judges to the Supreme Court; “. What does it mean? Simply put, this Commission will come up with progressive ideas to change the way the Supreme Court works and the way judges are appointed. The Commission will also provide “an analysis of the main arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against reform of the Supreme Court, including an assessment of the merits and legality of certain reform proposals”.

Examining this decree in more detail, you find that “the members of the Commission will serve without compensation for their work in the Commission, but will be entitled to travel expenses, including daily allowances in lieu of subsistence, to the extent permitted by for those serving intermittently in government service (5 USC 5701-5707). In addition, “The Commission will end 30 days after submitting its report to the President”, which will occur no later than 180 days after the first public meeting of the Commission.

What will come out of a commission made up of people appointed by President Joe Biden alone? A committee specifically designed to fundamentally change the Supreme Court, perhaps in a way some might not even consider , and which will then be dissolved shortly thereafter?

The Biden administration already appears to be the most radical in US history ahead of Barack Obama and Woordrow Wilson.

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